Q: If I change to the Keystone accounting system, can you import data from my current system?
A: Yes, we have imported data from many of the accounting packages out there today. This should also be the time to clean up data, and we will help you along every step of the way.
Q: Do you have a full accounting package or do we have to buy GL, AP, and Payroll from someone else?
A: Keystone Accounting is the only Full Accounting suite to meet the unique needs of concrete, aggregate, and asphalt producers.
Q: I currently hand enter all my tickets into the accounting system, how will your system handle this?
A: As long as your current dispatch or batch system can export their tickets in a comma delimited format, we can import them. We have successfully created this kind of import with most Dispatch and Batch vendors in the construction materials industry which can save you valuable time from hand entering them. For plants without a computerized system, GivenHansco offers an affordable easy to use ticketing system.
Q: My customers are now requesting that we email their invoices and statements, can your system do that? How easy is it?
A: Yes, we believe this feature will save our customers $3,000 to $30,000 every year. Setup only takes minutes. Once setup, you can invoice as normal and the system takes care of the rest. Please call us for a full list of features.
Q: Do you take trade-ins from your competitor’s batch systems?
A: Yes. If you are looking for relief from an aging batch system, under performing products, or inadequate customer support, we can help! Our current competitor trade-in program will put you in a new state-of-the-art, award winning batch control, without breaking your budget.
Q: What does the maintenance contract cover?
A: The maintenance contract covers 24×7 support 365 days a year and all GivenHansco developed software upgrades that become available. The batch control maintenance contract covers the same as above plus all hardware purchased from GivenHansco.
Q: Do I have to buy everything at once or can I add other modules at a later date?
A: Keystone was designed on a concept of allowing our customers to choose the modules that best fit their current needs. However, you can add new modules as your company grows or needs change.
Q: If my company grows can your software grow with it?
A: Our software was designed to handle from one user to 500+ users. All products and modules we offer work flawlessly as a stand-alone unit or can be added as your business grows and your needs change. Keystone is flexible and even operates with most competitive products.
Q: Can you also take care of my networking and IT needs?
A: Yes, GivenHansco can offer you a turnkey system and have our own in-house IT specialist to assist you. We are also partners with many hardware vendors (Dell, Cisco, IBM, etc.) and we are a certified Microsoft Partner. Please refer to our networking section for a complete list of our vendors and services.
Q: If I am at home or away from the office, can I connect to the system?
A: Yes. As long as you have an internet connection you will be able to connect to our software.
Q: How many years has your company been focused on providing solutions specific to the ready-mix industry?
A: GivenHansco, Inc. pioneered industry specific accounting for ready mix producers in 1979. Guided by customer input, we continue to build on this core with the latest technology that produces sensible easy to use products that make business easier and more profitable for our customers.