Keystone Online


GivenHansco’s Keystone Online is an integrated suite of products designed as a streamlined on-line, tablet, or mobile device based platform for daily control and optimization of today’s demanding truck-based and back-office ready-mix logistics. The Online family of products provides an immediate and focused overview of vital information that can be leveraged from virtually from any road, truck, dispatch, site, plant, office, etc.

Each integrated product in the suite offers a myriad of à la carte add-on functions designed to meet the specific needs and goals of drivers, dispatch, sales and corporate personnel. Ready-mix interconnectivity management has a new name “Keystone Online”.

Compatible with most Android devices, Online’s advanced, flexible, finger-tip communication platform of products includes:


  • Online Delivery GPS
  • Online Delivery GPS Lite
  • Online Operations
  • Online Sales Team
  • Online Customer Portal