General Ledger establishes your custom chart of accounts with multiple divisions and profit centers to post transations, process, summarize, report and close your books smoothly.

  1. Multi-company, multi-division Financial Reporting.
  2. Saves money by tracking terms and discounts, predicting cash flow and tracking payments.
  3. Reports include a transaction register, trial balance, balance sheet, income statement, journals and changes in working capital.
  4. Generates NRMCA data for the Industry Data Survey.
  5. Allow line-by-line control of financial statements.
  6. Complete integration with the full line of Keystone software.
  7. Income statements show “per yard” figures.
  8. Import / export interface for third party software.
  9. Enforce balanced transactions within periods.
  10. Date boundaries and balance sheets produced for cost or profit centers.
  11. Option of running on a fiscal or calendar year.
  12. Use groups to refer to multiple accounts kept together on financial statements.
  13. Corrected prior period statements and adjustments are automatically carried forward.

Automatically Complete the NRMCA Industry Data Survey with Keystone!

Keystone by GivenHansco allows you to print financial statements using the National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA) approved format. It even goes so far as to automatically fill out the NRMCA Industry Data Survey. You can maintain your current General Ledger account structure; however, the NRMCA recommends that you adopt the standard.

Create your NRMCA data report with a few keystrokes using Keystone Accounting and the NRMCA Excel form. It is so easy to generate this report – not the annual “project” it once was.

Benchmark and compare your company to others with similar demographics. Use this data to see where you shine and track progress in your improvement areas more frequently. There is a lot of power in comparing your numbers to those of your peers. Knowing where you stand is vital to improving your bottom line results.