Keystone Batch offers a compact, high quality, and easy-to-use system that is perfect for facilities of any size. This batching system provides the user with accuracy, consistency, and efficiency to meet all customer demands and exceed their expectations.

Keystone Batch can function as a stand-alone station that operates without external connections, or as a part of the Keystone integrated suite. With Keystone Batch, facility operations are at the tips of your fingers.

Status Knowledge & Load Control
Have a constant and instant knowledge of your load status, and have complete control over the load even at remote sites.

Remote Access & Batching
Monitor the batching software from a remote location with the Remote Access, or batch and load trucks from an off-site location with Remote Batch.

Plant & Location Monitoring
Monitor plant cameras, weather maps, or other live web-based inputs through optional modules.

Ease of Use Formatting
Elements are color coded by groups such as admixes, water, cements, and aggregates. Loads are tracked from weigh-up to discharge with easy to read graphical displays and numeric readouts.
• Detailed inventory tracking
• Pre-programmed reports
• Remote access and batch
• Dry or wet plant operation
• Mix modifier integration
• Discharge speed adjustment by truck
• Scoreboard integration
• Integrated moisture probe adjustments
• Dual plant operation
• State inspection modes for certification
• Free-wheel mode for continuous operation