The award-winning Keystone Batch control system gives you all the information you need to operate your plant right on one screen and it is designed from the ground up for the familiar Microsoft Windows operating environment. The Keystone Batch user interface is easy to understand. Elements are color coded by group (admixes, water, aggs, etc) and you can follow your order from weigh-up to discharge with easy to read graphic displays and numeric readouts. With Keystone Batch, you instantly know your status, and remain in complete control of every load, even at remote batch sites. You can even monitor plant cameras, weather maps, or other live web-based input on the same screen through an optional software module.

  1. Continuously monitors and optimizes your production so you can meet and exceed customer demands.
  2. Handles up to 12 admixes, 4 waters, 8 aggregates and 6 cements.
  3. Elements are color coded by group.
  4. Batch faster with more accurate loads and significantly less downtime.
  5. Control any batch station from any other batch station on your network.

Essential Features:

  1. Get Immediate Credit Information from Accounting.
  2. Warnings for COD customers, customers over the limit, and ability to block bad customers.
  3. Share’s common Data with Dispatch and Accounting.
  4. There’s no need to re-enter customers.
  5. And much more!