Keystone Accounting

Keystone Accounting is the ONLY full financial accounting suite made expressly for ready mix concrete, aggregate, and asphalt producers and designed from the ground up for the familiar Microsoft Windows operating environment. 

Keystone Accounting is powerful, yet easy to use and works as a stand-alone product or as part of our integrated Keystone software suite to make your daily business and accounting process easier and more productive.

Keystone Batch

Keystone Batch offers a compact, high quality, and easy-to-use system that is perfect for facilities of any size. This batching system provides the user with accuracy, consistency, and efficiency to meet all customer demands and exceed their expectations.
Keystone Batch can function as a stand-alone station that operates without external connections, or as a part of the Keystone integrated suite. With Keystone Batch, facility operations are at the tips of your fingers.

Keystone Dispatch

Since the early 2000s, Keystone Dispatch has supported Ready Mix and Aggregate customers of all sizes. Keystone Dispatch provides everything a dispatcher needs to schedule orders, edit orders, and know exactly where their trucks are in one convenient and easy to use screen.

Keystone Dispatch orders can be sorted and filtered by field of interest such as plants, order times, and next to load times. 

Keystone Online

GivenHansco’s Keystone Online is an integrated suite of products designed as a streamlined online, tablet, or mobile device based platform for daily control and optimization of today’s demanding truck-based and back-office ready-mix logistics.

The Online family of products provides an immediate and focused overview of vital information that can be leveraged virtually from any road, truck, dispatch, site, plant, office, etc.

Keystone Online Payments

Get paid faster with our powerful online payment options. Unlock quick and easy payments through out integrated portal specially designed for customers who wish to view and pay multiple invoices. Simplify your receivables, keep track of your transactions, and delight your account customers with a hassle-free experience.

Speed up your invoice collection process! No more waiting or follow-ups. Send invoices embedded with direct payment links and/or QR codes. Customers can scan and pay within seconds. It’s efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Keystone GPS

Designed by GivenHansco from the ground up, Keystone GPS is a comprehensive, truck-focused, tablet based GPS suite that offers a realm of streamlined customer service control and logistics management possibilities for today’s concrete industry. 

GPS offers a multitude of á la carte add-on functions to provide an immediate overview of focused information that can be leveraged from virtually anywhere.