Keystone Accounts Receivable is the heart of the Keystone line of accounting products. Keystone is the only full financial accounting suite made expressly for the unique business needs of concrete and aggregate producers.

Keystone includes full featured tools for ticket entry and import to increase accuracy, decrease keystrokes, and provide you the most useful information where and when it is needed.

  1. Import tickets directly from most batch controls, dispatch systems, aggregate scale systems and point-of-sale, no middle ware needed.
  2. Edit tickets in a group or individually before invoicing.
  3. Import Ticket Report detects discrepancies and tells you where the prices for each ticket originated.
  4. Total quantities delivered are given for each plant including unit-of-measure totals and dollar amounts.
  5. Quick manual ticket entry.
  6. Profit Alert Report shows which jobs are profitable, run at any time – daily, weekly, or monthly.
  7. Review all tickets on a pre-billing audit list.
  8. Ticket detail carried through Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, and Sales Analysis.
  9. Trucking report – miles, tons, yards, time. i
Ticket Detail

We understand how critical price and discount control are, so we offer powerful and flexible capabilities, including the ability to conduct global price changes.

  1. Hierarchy of pricing methods:
    Job Pricing – prices can be quoted for a specific job
    Customer Pricing – preferred pricing for specific customers
    Group Pricing – price by an entire group of customers
    Zone Pricing – price based on delivery location
    List Pricing – standard pricing.
  2. On-time payment incentives as percent or unit discount.
  3. Quantity price breaks.
  4. Discount an entire class of products within job, customer, or group pricing.

Our invoicing system makes organization simple and efficient.

  1. Invoice Register provides a detailed audit trail.
  2. Invoice lists all components, no need to send copy of ticket.
  3. Prepare invoices by job, customer, or ticket.
  4. Prevent discounts to overdue accounts.
  5. Add messages or comments to invoices.
  6. Easily reprint lost or damaged invoices.
  7. Review all tickets on a pre-billing audit list.
  8. Print invoices on your preferred form.

Accounts Receivable
Keystone gives on-demand customer account information retrieval including current aging and other important collection information.

  1. Integrates fully with Invoicing and General Ledger.
  2. Lists account status: open invoices, all paid invoices, high credit, last sales date, last payment date and amount, credit line, and current aging.
  3. Look up invoices by job, print statement subtotals by job.
  4. Cash posting by the oldest invoice, by selected invoices based on the discount cutoff date, or by job.
  5. Monthly Cash Receipts Register simplifies closing and customer inquiries.
  6. Credit limit report shows which customers are close to their credit limit.
  7. Print statements on preprinted forms or plain paper.
  8. Incentive discount tracking / expiration.
  9. Apply finance charges by customer or job.
  10. Sales tax – multiple authorities, reporting by authority, exempt sales breakdown.
  11. Lien waivers and much more.
Look Up Invoices

Sales Analysis
We provide vision to steer your company to maximum long-term profitability. Sales Analysis gives you the big picture of your customer coverage and product line with a detailed sales inquiry.

  1. In-depth sales cost calculation.
  2. Mix costing.
  3. Material usage tracking.
  4. Drill-down to ticket detail.
  5. Sales reporting by customer, product, job and plant.
  6. Profit by job.
Sales Reporting by Customers