Plant managers, owners, and sales people all look at orders to see where trucks are and how their hourly/daily productivity is being optimized for efficiency. Now, there is a bird’s eye view for key operations personnel to simply log-in and choose the desired dashboard operation they wish to monitor and manage Keystone Online Operations which is comprised of On-Demand and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

On-Demand is cloud based mobile friendly application that supports phone, tablet, and desktop users. On-Demand users can access all orders for any day- viewing loads, tickets, batch weights, truck locations for all plants. Users can access most important data they need at any given moment- viewing orders by plant, salesperson, or customers by date range.

Operations control, tracking, and time management optimization is now a click away with Keystone Operations.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is a graphical representation of:

  • Material required by hour
  • Loads and yards per hour
  • Truck on time status
  • Minute truck in status for each status versus target time
  • YTD actual and budget amounts
  • Plus more